How to Pick a Translation Agency That’s Right for You

How to Pick a Translation Agency That’s Right for You

In this every-growing global economy, translation services have become essential for major companies looking to do business outside of their language barrier. Those that continue focusing only within their own sphere are becoming progressively vulnerable to competitors that are able to rapidly expand across the globe, wherever opportunities lie.

Doing this effectively requires the services of a qualified translation agency, but that doesn’t mean simply picking the first one that appears in a Google search. Instead, this is an important decision that deserves serious consideration.

3 Traits to Look for in the Best Possible Translation Agency for Your Company

Fortunately, your company isn’t the first to leverage the power of translation services. So, while this is an absolutely pivotal step for your business, it’s an easy one to take if you know what to look for in a translation agency. If your company is looking for the highest-quality services, you want an agency with the following three traits.

1. Experience with Your Specific Industry

It can be said that every industry has its own language – often referred to as “jargon” – one that keeps non-members at bay, even if they otherwise share a native tongue.

This is why you want to look for translation providers that specialize in your field. Otherwise, it’s extremely easy for translators to make mistakes because they don’t understand the context of the document.

For example, take a look at this humorous tweetthat demonstrates this all-too-common gaffe. Of course, it probably wasn’t very funny for the company that paid to have these documents written and then translated only for “Fall Protection” to come out as “Autumn Protection.” Unless the document was about allergy medication for ragweed, the company most likely wasn’t laughing.

If the translator had understood the industry for which they were writing, it would have immediately been clear that “fall” referred to the act of accidentally slipping to the ground.

Therefore, always confirm upfront that a potential agency employs translators who are completely fluent in the language you need and the jargon of your industry.

2. Lightning-Fast Turnaround Times

While quality is of the utmost importance, the good news is that you don’t need to choose between a translation agency that gets your work right the first time and one that also gets it back to you immediately.

As demand for translation serviceshas grown in recent years, so too has the demand for these services to be done quickly. Now that these services are available to everyone, it’s become more of a competitive edge than ever before to choose providers that can set and achieve aggressive timelines.

This is especially important if you’ll regularly need your translations on a deadline. For example, many legal documents must be responded to immediately. That can be a challenge when your company needs them translated first and then their response translated again.

Fast turnaround times are ideal even if your projects tend to involve, longer or more flexible timelines. While the project you’re considering at the moment may not need to be completed for months, that might not always be the case. Better to work with an agency that can accommodate ambitious timelines than have to go out searching for one when an unexpected deadline emerges.

When considering an agency, make sure that they give upfront quotes and that those quotes come with a timeline for the service. If they can’t meet your deadlines, you’ll need to keep searching.

However, just because they say they can provide the turnaround times you need, that’s no guarantee. That’s why you need an actualguarantee.

3. A Guarantee on Their Services

Any translation agency that’s confident in their services will back them up by offering clients a guarantee. After all, translation is black-and-white. Either it’s completely accurate or it’s not.

As you already saw, translation mistakeshappen, which is why you want a contract with your agency-of-choice that stipulates exactly what will happen if they make such an error.

You must also secure a guarantee about your timelines. If they say they’ll have your document back within three business days, that too needs to be in writing, and the clause must clarify what the result will be if they’re late in producing the work.

Don’t Take Any Chances with Your Translation Agency

At Metropolitan Translations, we are extremely proud of the reputation our team of translators has built over the past 15 years among top-tier companies across every major industry. This includes translating well over 4 million words and working with nearly 100 repeat customers on a regular basis.

Instead of constantly adding contractors or rookie-translators to our team, we’ve always focused on keeping our operation small, so we can offer highly specialized translation services from seasoned professionals. This is how our company has become synonymous with high-quality translations for well-known companies throughout the world.

Best of all, we guarantee our results.

So, whether you need your enterprise’s website translated to greet a new market or legal documents converted to support an upcoming merger, our staff is ready to help.

Contact us todayto learn more about our translation services and receive a free quote.


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