How much do translations cost?

How much do translations cost?

Interested in purchasing translations but not sure how much you should be spending? Read on for more information about how much translations cost and what you can expect when ordering them.

Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving.

Per word

The most common unit you will encounter. Most translators and companies charge for their services per word. This is the most fair pricing because the actual effort involved in translating a document may vary from translator to translator. Agencies charge per source word or target word depending on client's needs and langauges.

Per page

Some companies will charge to translate content based on the number of pages in your document. This works well for documents where you cannot easily obtain an electronic word count. These types of documents include but are not limited to those scanned by PDF file such as IEPs, medical records, court documents, and vital records.

Per hour

It's not very often that agencies charge by the hour for translations. Agencies often charge by the hour for editing content that's already been translated. In these cases, it may not make economic sense for anyone involved to charge for updates per word. However, too many updates and your best bet is to re-translate from scratch.

How much do translations cost?

How much do translations cost?

Translation is not a one size fits all service. Here are just some factors that go into pricing translations:


Your time is money, but translators also need time to do their job correctly. Most translators can handle up to 3,000 words per day (read more about our daily translation capacities here), but oftentimes exceptions can be made for rush work.

The more words you need done in a day, the greater chance your job is a rush one. Depending on your deadline, an agency may apply a surcharge to your order.


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