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One hour response time

When you need birth certificate translations, you’re probably in a hurry. You’ve just been told that you’ll need to present some paperwork at a government office or some other institution and it needs to be certified, pronto.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Metropolitan Translations has translated countless birth certificates. We know exactly what you need and how fast you need it.

E-mail us during our business hours and we’ll respond within 1 hour with a personalized quote.

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    Birth Certificate Translations

    If you need a birth certificate translated, you’re in luck. We have specialized translators ready to translate as soon as you accept our quote. And if you need other personal documents such as marriage certificates, divorce certificates, academic transcripts, police records, etc. translated and certified, we can do those too.

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    Rush Turnaround

    In a hurry? No problem! We can deliver your translations next day or sooner. We know that these things are sometimes time sensitive and you may need translations of your vital records at a moment’s notice. Get in touch if you need rush translations of your birth certificate and we’ll take care of it for you.

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    All Languages Supported

    Whether you need a translation from Spanish to English or Azeri to Xhosa, Metropolitan Translations can handle your request seamlessly. We have a vast network of freelance translators specializing in numerous languages. Our office can tackle any project for truly hassle-free translations.

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    Mirror Image Formatting

    Does your document have lots of tricky tables and special formatting? Not to worry! We can replicate them in our translation. This way, whoever is reading your translation can hold it up next to the original for quick and easy comparison. 

Quick turnaround without rush fees

Government officials often impose tight filing deadlines and give information at the last minute. That’s why we understand birth certificates often require immediate translation. Because of this, we never charge rush fees for translating birth certificates. What you see is what you get.


Perfect Translations Every Time, Guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions

On average, it costs anywhere from $60 to $100 to have a birth certificate translated, depending on how rare the source language is. We do not charge rush fees for this service. A separate certification costs $20 extra per document.


Perfect Translations Every Time, Guaranteed.

"Very fast and very professional. Would not hesitate to use again.”

- Joe Mazzello

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