Apostille Services

Apostille Services

Metropolitan Translations can provide apostilles for your original documents as well as apostilled translations for legal use in foreign jurisdictions.

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What is an apostille?

An apostille is a special type of certification that makes documents legal for use in foreign countries.

Before apostilles existed, each country followed its own rules for legalizing documents. This was very confusing and costly for all involved.

In 1961, the Hague Convention put an end to that. Its goal was to simplify the process of presenting documents in foreign jurisdictions. After this date, any member country's documents could be legalized with a single apostille for use in another member country. This standardized the process of legalizing documents for use in foreign countries.

Only countries belonging to the Hague Convention can issue and accept apostilles. In the United States, all 50 states and the Federal Government (U.S. Department of State) can issue apostilles. However, an apostille can only be obtained for the correct jurisdiction. So, if your original document is from New York State, then the New York Secretary of State apostilles it. For example, you cannot send a document from Florida to be apostilled in New Jersey.

The apostille itself is a separate certification. It gets attached to your original document usually by a staple, a rivet or a ribbon. It may contain a raised seal, a gold seal, a ribbon, or any other design elements agreed upon by its issuing body.

To see a model apostille, click here.

When do you need an apostille?

You will need an apostille when your document will be used in a foreign country. You will also need an apostille when your document will be used in a foreign consulate within your home country.

An apostille is only valid if the country of destination is also a member of the 1961 Hague Convention. You can see a list of all countries belonging to the 1961 Hague Convention here.


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What if the destination country is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention?

If your destination country is not a member of The Hague Convention, you will need a substitute certificate of authentication. We can work with you to determine the appropriate certifications and translations needed.

Apostilled document translations

Metropolitan Translations can provide apostilled translations as well as apostilles for original documents (i.e. vital records, etc.). Simply let us know which country your document will be used in, and we will provide the relevant apostilled translations.

An apostilled translation is a translation accompanied by both a notarized Statement of Accuracy and an apostille.


Perfect Translations Every Time, Guaranteed.

Outstanding! Their translations for my Italian citizenship application were super prompt, accurate and beautiful!

Formatted the translation to look identical! Thank You!”

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